Sakr Power Systems S.A.L. 


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Sakr Power Systems S.A.L. 

Founded in 1972 in Lebanon, Sakr Power Group is a consortium of companies specialized in Power Generation, with a scope of services  covering the manufacturing, sales and rental of power generating sets, in addition to the implementation of turnkey power projects.

Sakr Power Group represents many of the world’s leading names in power  generation, including GE, Mitsubishi, NMBH, Cummins, Perkins, Lister  Petter, et Our companies are among the leading solution providers in  their segments, with presence across the Middle East, Africa, Europe  and Russia and plans to expand further worldwide in the near future.

Being ISO 9002:2000 certified, our innovative products, services and  solutions are designed and built to meet international quality standards and specifications. Our customers, partners and employees  can rely on us for meeting their requirements in a timely manner and  ensuring their comfort and peace of mind at all times. 

We offer standard and customized diesel powered generating sets  suitable for standby / emergency power, prime power or continuous applications.

Our diesel powered generating sets are available in sizes ranging  from: 5 to 2274 KVA high speed, 1200-5000 KVA medium speed. 

We offer generating sets operating on HFO through NMBH – a German  based company, part of Sakr Power Group.

Our People Count 

Assisting our employees to attain their professional and personal  goals is a high priority. Hence we stress on individual and team  development, investing in skills and technology training. We offer  Managerial, Behavioral & Technical courses as well. 

Our people, our most valuable assets

Individual contributions never go unnoticed, even in a collaborative environment like ours .We provide performance management to invest in our employees and ensure recognition, motivation and retention  therefore improving equity and accountability.  Whichever role you take you'll be a valued member of our team,  appreciated and rewarded for the part you play!

We care so we share

 Trust-building and honest communication are key elements for organizational success. We aim at creating a positive working environment where the employees feel a sense of belonging and identity with our company which leads to effective productivity and successful corporate initiatives. We are a team that builds a culture of mutual  integration, transparency and loyalty. Simply, we care about the  people we work with; the people we live among.